Looking Ahead to 2016

Hello, readers!

My name is Hannah Campeanu. I am a third-year English major at George Mason University, and an editorial and research assistant here at Stillhouse Press. I am also the new editor of Moonshine Murmurs. My role as editor is like that of a curator in a museum—I’ll be working behind the scenes to bring you the best possible content related to craft publishing. But right now, I’m stepping out from behind the curtain to tell you about all the exciting things you can expect from Moonshine Murmurs in 2016.

Moonshine Murmurs editor, Hannah Campeanu

Moonshine Murmurs editor, Hannah Campeanu

First, we decided that we wanted to move away from the event-review style that Moonshine Murmurs featured in its inaugural year.

We’d like to bring Moonshine Murmurs back to what it was originally meant to be: a platform to discuss the literary community in and around Washington, D.C and a place to broaden the conversation about writing and publishing industry.

Although people usually think of New York as the place to be for publishing, we know that D.C. is full of unusual and exciting writers, publishers, independent bookstores, and literary events, and we want to help share that community with you. As a small press, we have the rare opportunity to give you an inside look at our process and to include you in our conversations with our authors, staff, and guest writers.  We look forward to hosting that dialogue.

Over the next few months, it is my goal to bring you a new post every other Wednesday. Our focus will be on the literary scene in D.C. and the concepts and processes of craft publishing, and will occasionally provide a broader perspective about the publishing industry as a whole. Coming in January, I’ll be kicking things off with a look back at the early days of Stillhouse Press—our very own origin story, if you will. So as 2015 comes to a close, have a wonderful New Years and keep your eye out for great new Moonshine Murmurs content in 2016!


Hannah Campeanu