Meet Lindley Estes, Moonshine's New Blog Editor!

Welcome to Moonshine Murmurs in 2018 

I wanted to take the first blog of the year as an opportunity to introduce myself. I’m Lindley Estes, a first-year MFA student at George Mason University focusing on fiction, and this corner of the internet's newest editor. 

I’m a longtime daily news reporter who went back to school to focus on the craft of fiction, which I didn’t get to write often enough before. 

Right now I’m reading "How Should A Person Be" by Sheila Heti (it’s for class, but it’s still great), and re-reading E.M. Forster’s "Howards End" (which I was also once assigned and adore). 

I’m also a believer in the small, independent press. It is exciting to be a small part of Stillhouse Press, which releases writing that different and bolsters new voices. 

This semester you can expect content on this blog that goes behind the scenes of our small press, features on our staff writers and our interests, and interviews with the authors Stillhouse Press is bringing to your bookshelves. 

Want to read something in particular? Want to have a conversation? That’s what the comments are for, leave me one. 



Lindley Estes is a first-year
fiction student in
George Mason University's Master's
of Fine Arts
program and an editor
for Stillhouse's
Moonshine Murmurs blog.