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"Staggering in both its imaginative vision and in its remarkable sense of compression, Matthew Fogarty’s work is like a narrative version of Joseph Cornell’s window boxes: beautiful, surprising, remarkable, and endlessly entertaining. There’s a golden thread here that connects Fogarty’s vision to the likes of ETA Hoffmann and Richard Matheson, while, at the same, evoking the weird wit of Donald Antrim and George Saunders. But in the end, Fogarty’s writing is mostly like itself: fun, weird, lovely, beautiful, and heartbreaking."

- Christian Kiefer, author of The Animals

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"A marvelous collection, poignant and odd, whimsical and weighty. Matt Fogarty is a master of the short story form, giving weight and humanity to his characters even in the briefest of tales."

- Tara Laskowski, author of Bystanders

"Along with the pure joy I felt while reading Matthew Fogarty’s Maybe Mermaids & Robots are Lonely, I was reminded of something crucial: every storyteller is, at heart, lonely. It’s why they tell their tales, because of this need to share, the need for the audience, the connection found in knowing. Whether it’s a mermaid, a robot, or a zombie, Bigfoot, Andre the Giant, or the dinosaurs, Fogarty finds the inherent loneliness in all his heroes, the stark human desire to be a part of something larger than ourselves. Fogarty can be funny, ironic, clever, sad, or absurd, but no matter what hat he puts on, he has announced he is here, that he has joined the fray."

- Michael Czyzniejewski, author of I Will Love You for the Rest of My Life: Breakup Stories

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