Helen on 86th Street and Other Stories


Helen on 86th Street and Other Stories


October 1, 2014 | Fiction - Short Stories | Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9905169-0-3

Distributor: Ingram

In Helen on 86th Street and Other Stories, girls grow into women and women become wise in portraits filled with biting humor and small but hard-earned victories. One girl makes a burnt offering of letters written to her wayward father, while another struggles to leave her dying father and face adult life. Women navigate the rocky shoals of adultery, illness, and infertility as they make their way in an unsteady world, where the heart is easily betrayed and loyalty is rarely a straightforward matter.

Wendi Kaufman writes intimately of daughters, mothers, and lovers, of first loves and difficult truths. This is the long-awaited celebration of a wry, unblinking, and ultimately triumphant literary voice.


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“Crafted with a light hand and deftly imagined, these stories bloom like tiny effervescent explosions in the mind. Delectable, insightful, a pure joy to read.”

- Janet Fitch, New York Times best-selling author of Paint It Black and White Oleander