ISBN: 978-0-9969816-1-3 | $16.00 | Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9969816-1-3 | $16.00 | Paperback

Anna Leahy & Douglas R. Dechow

Generation Space: A Love Story


April 4, 2017


Anna Leahy and Douglas R. Dechow work and teach at Chapman University in Orange, California. They have written the Lofty Ambitions blog together since 2010.

Anna’s first book, Constituents of Matter (Kent State University Press, 2007) won the Wick Poetry Prize. She is the author of the chapbook, Sharp Miracles (Blue Lyra Press, 2016), and her nonfiction book Tumor is forthcoming from Bloomsbury in 2017.

Doug is the co-author of SQEAK: A Quick Trip to Objectland (Addison-Wesley Professional, 2001) and Intertwingled: The Work and Influence of Ted Nelson (Springer, 2015).;; @DougDechow

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